Run application on Linux: Create Virtual Machine with Ubuntu 16.04 using Virtual Box

This is the first post related to the topic of running application on the linux machine.
In this post I will show how to create a virtual machine with Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) to be able to follow the next steps (actuall building and running the application).
If you already have machine with Linux you probably don’t need to follow this steps.
So here it goes, there are the steps I followed to create VM:

1 create_new_virtual_machine

  • Give the name to the virtual machine and make sure that OS type and version are properly populated:

2 new_os_linux

  • Set the RAM memory size:

3 memory_size

  • Select “Create a virtual disk now”:

4 create_disk_now

  • Type: VDI

5 vdi

  • Select Dynamically allocated:

6 select_dynamically_allocated

  • Enter maximum disk size. 20 GB should be enough.

7 virtual_disk_file

  • Once the machine created, press Settings button, go to Storage section and select the iso file that was previously downloaded:

    8 select_iso_file

  • Start the machine and follow the promps of the installation wizard.
  • Restart machine once the installation completes:

9 installation complete

  • Your machine is ready to be used:

10 machine_is_ready

  • Install Guest Additions
    I also recommend to isntall Guest Additions to be able to share clipboard with host OS:
    (shared clipboard can be enabled by selecting Devices->Shared clipboard->Bidirectional)


  • Restart the Virtual Machine